How Pressure Works

As stated above, the power to heal is inherent in our body and the disease takes place only when the flow of this power (in various meridians), known as Vital force is obstructed due to some impediment in the path of a particular meridian. At times, the flow of this so called vital force is also adversely effected because of accumulation of various nitrogenous substances that get accumulated at the nerve endings in the palms and soles. It is because of this accumulation at these reflex/trigger points that we feel piercing/pricking pain when pressure is applied on the effected point, the reflex point(s) respond giving a feeling of pricking/piercing pain and thus help us in knowing that the pressure is being applied on the right place.

When pressure is applied repeatedly over a period of 10-15 days, depending upon the age, body response, gravity of the ailment, pain threshold of the patient etc., gradually the accumulated impediment is removed from the specific reflex point(s) pertaining to the effected organ along with the flow of the blood and gradually the symptoms of the disease start diminishing/ disappearing. As soon as the impediment in the path way of the flow of vital force in the effected meridian(s) is removed and the normal flow of the vital force is restored, the symptoms of the disease disappear and the person attains good health.

It has been observed that generally the patients start responding to the treatment within 3-4 sittings and barring a few chronic / multiple organ involving ailments, diseases like Paralysis, Arthritis and Frozen shoulder etc., generally patients suffering from other ailments respond and get rid of their problems within a span of 10-15 sittings on an average. By giving pressure on the relevant reflex points, we stimulate the effected organ on one hand and remove the impediment from the path way of the flow of vital force. Thus the organ(s) falling in the specific meridians regain its strength and starts functioning optimally and the patient gets cured. That is why we generally say that in Acupressure we do not treat the disease, we treat the organs and once the organs start functioning to their full capacity there is no place for the disease. Co-management with other conventional methods has been found to act still faster and effective.

Thus through Acupressure various organs are stimulated with a view to stream line their functioning and an effort is made to restore the efficiency of the affected organ(s) which ultimately results into restoration of good health. Acupressure has been found to be highly beneficial in stimulating and improving upon the functioning of the endocrine glands which in turn restores the flexibility in the body muscle tissues, it also strengthens the nervous and the immune system. Further it has been found to be very much beneficial in relieving problems connected with the bony system of the body. It also helps in improving the circulation of blood in the body which in turn rejuvenates the entire body.