Generally, the disease occurs as a result of Mental tension, carelessness, improper food habits and ways of living or at times due to consumption of harmful substances. Certain diseases like cervical spondylitis/ lumber spondylosis are generally caused due to improper posture etc. By leading a regulated life one can, to some extent, protect himself/herself from falling sick. Other causes could be environment , malnutrition, heredity causes, age factor, injury or pollution etc., which are beyond the control of individuals.

Whenever one falls sick, one has to take recourse to medical science for the treatment of the disease. It may be allopathic, Homeopathy, Ayurvedic , Unani or any other branch of medical science, depending upon ones’ requirement and faith. At the outset, it may be of immense importance to explain/understand in this context that there is no point or effort in undermining the effectiveness or suitability of one pathy over the other . However, one thing is sure which has emerged over experimentation over a period of time , that acupressure treatment has been found to be highly effective in acute cases as well as in chronic ailments when the patient is kept on co-management i.e. while undergoing conventional allopathic or homeopathic treatment- in case Acupressusre treatment is also given simultaneously, much better and faster results can be achieved.

However, it may not be out of place to mention here that of all the complementary therapies that have developed over the years, right from ancient times to the modern age, Acupressure has emerged as one of the most effective methods of healing. It is based purely on nature cure, since no medicines have to be given, there is no risk of any side effect what-so-ever, more over it has no clash with any other treatment being given simultaneously, due to this feature i.e. no medication concept. As the treatment progresses and the patient feels relieved, slowly the use of medication can be curtailed in case the patient so desires, in consultation with the concerned Physician.

Whereas we do not want to enter into the controversy about the origin of Acupressure, on thing is sure that Acupressure is the simplified version of Acupuncture, developed over a period of time so that it could be used as a home remedy by people sitting at home, by learning the ‘Art & Science” of this “easy to learn and simple to perform technique”, which has no known side effect. Hundreds to Men & Women who have learnt this technique of Healing through the Art & Science of Acupressure at the “Institute of Acupressure Healing & Training , B-702-Shramdeep Apptt., Sector -62, Noida-201301” under the aegis of “Shakuntla Devi Multi Therapy Health & Research Foundation(Regd)”(E-mail: have been taking care of their own families in alleviating the pain and sufferings of their own kith & Kins , saving them from the side effect of medication, where it can be safely avoided, as also supporting their families by making an earning besides doing social service. It is learnt that as on date this technique is being adopted in countries e.g. Japan, America, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Srilanka, England, Canada, India etc., for healing many acute and chronic ailments.

The simple theory adopted and practiced while handling a patient is that the power to heal the disease (the vital force) is present in the human body itself. All that is required is to activate this energy and direct it in the right direction. To achieve this, reflexology is followed while healing using Acupressure technique.. It is believed that the reflex points of most of the important and vital organs in the body are located in the Palms & the Soles of the body. These reflex centers also called the response or trigger points. When a person suffers from some ailment, the reflex points related to the affected organs become very sensitive to pain on being pressed.

Having experienced the miraculous results obtained by healing through this method, regular practitioners from various branches of medicine have started clubbing this technique(i.e. Acupressure) and adopting it as a Complementary medicine while treating even chronic patients and getting unbelievable results. I have myself been attending very serious patients on Call in reputed hospitals e.g. Indra Prastha Apollo Hospital, various Govt., Hospitals in (New Delhi), India, and getting very good results while co-managing patients, for more than three years now. The faith amongst medical fraternity in Acupressure is increasing day by day and that day is not far when Acupressure shall emerge as a very powerful and indispensable therapy and every hospital would like to have a good and trained Acupressure Therapist on its rolls.

Another advantage of Acupressure technique is that it is not only curative, it acts as a preventive also. By devoting about 15-20 minutes a day following a work out for about 10-15 days to begin with and thereafter with a follow up of 2-3 times a week, one can stay fit using it as a preventive medicine at no cost. It would, however, be advisable if, to begin with , this is down under the supervision/guidance of a practicing acupressure therapist for 4-5 days or till one learns to identify the relevant reflex points where the pressure needs to be given, the extent of pressure to be given and the time duration for which pressure has to be applied etc. As a matter of fact, it would not be wrong to say that Acupressure technique is not only Curative and Preventive, it is Diagnostic as well to some extent.

However, as a word of caution it is suggested that as far as possible, unless the therapist is sufficiently trained, experienced and qualified to make proper diagnosis, an effort should be made that treatment using this technique is not commenced till a proper diagnosis is made and in particular if it is suspected that the trouble with the patient relates to/involves one or more of the vital organs e.g. the Heart; Kidneys; Brain etc., or the problem has been persisting for an unduly long period. In such cases, it is safer to get proper diagnosis done by consulting some medical specialist and his opinion sought so that the symptoms do not get suppressed and divert the attention from the main cause.