Do's & Don'ts

It has been observed that when a patient approaches an Acupressure Therapist for the first time, he/she is generally very scared. The reason being that although, they have been advised to undergo treatment under acupressure, they have not been properly guided. Perhaps, the fault lies on both sides i.e. the therapist as well as the patient. Some of the therapists who start helping people after acquiring a little bit of knowledge and are not fully conversant start giving Harsh pressure, which hurts the patients and although they get good results, they spread a word around that it hurts a lot when pressure is applied. Another misleading word that is sent around is that it is a treatment of nerves and of course a cause of scare is well founded in case it be so.. The net result is that when you ask a patient that some one at home can also help them in giving pressure, in case they are not able to go to the therapist, they express concern that (at home) some wrong nerve may not get pressed. As such, though it may seem out of context here, we would like to clarify here that first of all an experienced and knowledgeable therapist would never give harsh pressure. He/she would never give you pressure beyond your pain threshold i.e. pain bearing capacity. Rather he would give mild to moderate pressure and you even enjoy the extent of pain being created. Secondly, the pressure is given over the reflex points and not the nerves; as such there is no fear what so ever of pressure being given on a wrong place/nerve. Of course, it would be wrong to say that there would be no pain since the pain over the pressure points which are also called trigger/reflex points indicates that pressure is being given on the right place. But not all the points hurt and as stated above the patient feels good too at certain pressure points being pressed. As such it will be in the over all interest of the patient that the therapist spares a few minutes and explains to him/her at length as to they should report to him/her the moment the extent of pressure exceeds their pain threshold . However, it should also be explained to them simultaneously that they should be willing to accept at least some pain created while getting pressure therapy in case they want proper results. Further to this, the patient should be seated in a very comfortable posture and should be advised not to wear very tight clothes or jeans made out of hard or thick cloth as this causes inconvenience to the therapist while giving pressure in the area below the belt, in case required. Further, Acupressure treatment should not be given :
  • During Pregnancy,
  • In the fractured area,
  • Patients suffering from contiguous disease.
  • Under unavoidable circumstances, pressure treatment can be given to the patient suffering from Osteoporosis(advanced stage), but with great care .
  • One should not take any chance or make any attempt and try to handle diseases involving vital organs like Heart, Kidney, Brain, Liver etc., by Acupressure alone or any other non-conventional therapy alone. We can expect wonderful results in case co-management is resorted to, along with conventional medicine under some Specialist in Medicine/Surgery etc.
  • There is no harm in giving acupressure treatment as a First aid in emergencies e.g. Bleeding; Electrocution, Suspected Heart attack till Medical aid arrives or the patient is shifted to the nearest well equipped hospital at the earliest.