Comments from the Beneficiaries:

What people feel about Acupressure: (some excerpts��.)

I started having pain in my shoulder, elbow, hands and fingertips. As the things went serious, I was advised to consult an orthopedic surgeon, which I did. Several rounds of consultation and Physiotherapy sittings brought hardly any relief. Then a common friend after listening t my story advised me to take treatment by technique �acupressure�, I started as a doubting tom with Dr. Saxena. By the 5th or 6th day of sitting I felt much relief and 10th sitting or so has done a � magic � and that type of pain has not recurred since�

Brij K Taimni,
I.A.S(Retd) Member,
National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

I had problems relating to Hypertension, Cervical Spondylitis and pain in the body. There have been occasions when I got almost immediate relief just after one or two sittings with Dr. Saxena taking treatment by the technique of acupressure. I am very much impressed by the results from treatment by this therapy and have recommended this to many of my friends����.

Adviser & Additional Secretary to the Govt. of India,
Ministry of Home Affairs.

Both my wife and me reminisce of the time when we used to be in agony due to my Tennis Elbow pain. Being addicted to morning walk, the pain used to remind us of our increasing age each day. We visited various senior Doctors. Some of these Doctors were also of International repute. After several rounds of expensive yet ineffective treatments, we gave up and reconciled with the pain. Only the pain became worse and my wife also started suffering from Knee pain and discomfort in her foot. Our morning walk became only an ambition. It was then that our friends suggested treatment by Acupressure. Not only was it effective in relieving my Tennis Elbow pain, it made us healthier as we now religiously go for our morning walks (my wife�s knee pain and the foot discomfort have also been reduced considerably). All this happened in 8-9 sittings with Dr. Saxena which shows how effective acupressure is����

G.D.Khemani, IPS.,
D.G(SSB), Delhi (Retd).

My sister had been suffering from Bleeding and painful Piles. I was informed that treatment of Piles through acupressure is possible without any medication or surgery. I got her treatment through Dr. Saxena using this therapy and within 4 or 5 sittings she was relieved completely of the problem���

Air Marshal M.S.Bawa,

I can recall the shooting pain that prevented me from playing Lawn Tennis before I learnt about acupressure. The treatment resulted in prompt recovery of my feet (heel pain) and now I feel no pain even after playing 3 sets in a row����

P.K.Anand, IAS,
Joint Secretary,
Minister of Defence.

My wife was suffering from bleeding piles and was in intense pain when she started treatment using acupressure technique. After only seven sittings she was relieved completely and forgot about undergoing a surgical operation which was thought to be inevitable. My daughter had a similar if not more complicated problem of water retention in her body indicating Kidney mal functioning. Her entire body was bloated and she could not pass any urine without the help of quite harmful Lassex. After having only six sittings with Dr. Saxena she not only stopped being dependent on Lassex but is looking healthier and her organs are functioning quite normal���

Amrik Singh, IPS(Retd),
Former Diretor General of Police,
Himachal Pradesh.

I was having acute lower back pain. This pain was persisting for last six years. I was totally confined to bed. After six weeks of bed rest, I resumed my official duties but the pain continued. Consultations were made with top orthopaedicians, orthopaedic surgeons but nothing much was achieved. I also undertook a full course of Acupuncture, which gave me immediate relief, however, that was not long lasting. In that condition, I was advised to take treatment through acupressure.

After first sitting with Dr. Saxena, I felt instant relief but still looking to the past experience I was susceptible about its lasting effect. After about 3-4 sittings, lot of relief was experienced and by the end of 8 sittings my side pain was almost gone. After a long period I was in a position to sit straight and do my work in a comfortable position. Finally I took around 12 sittings which ended some times in November, 2002 and since then the side pain radiating both the sides is more or less gone giving a great relief. My wife was also treated for shoulder pain and got tremendous relief����.

Devendra Bhushan Gupta, IAS.,
Principal Commissioner,
Delhi Development Authority.

My wife, my daughter and myself were suffering from Migraine, my daughter had the problem of pain near the left elbow and I had the Prostate problem. We all are much better after taking treatment from Dr. Saxena using the technique of acupressure, which has been a great help to us����

B.L.Vohra, IPS.,
Director General, Civil Defence & SSB.